Photography by Jason Tozer
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NME-TV Behind the Scenes from Jason Tozer on Vimeo.

Title: Smashing TV's
Client: NME-TV

Another exhilarating shoot day this was. We arrived at Old Street fire station with 12 TV's and a load of high speed flash equipment. I'd originally planned to use a noise trigger to make the exposures, but we were shooting 'day for night' & the daylight mixed with the flash was giving an unacceptable amount of ghosting to the shots. The only option was to fire the camera manually (and not using the sound trigger i'd brought), but I couldn't be near the camera because it was only 3 feet away from the intended landing spot, and as accurate as Thomas was in dropping the TV's I'd rather he squashed the camera than me. The Hasselblad I was using had an infra red remote shutter trigger so I ended up watching the TV's drop and hitting the button when they were about 6 feet from the ground (because there was a slight delay in the mechanics of the camera). We only missed a couple of impacts & the best ones looked amazing! Thanks to the Firemen of  Old Street for the kind use of their practise tower, and Thomas Wire, Johnny Greenwood, Katy Ingram, Dave Oscroft and Phil Sims also. The video's worth a look too...